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With the advancement and development of science and tec […]

With the advancement and development of science and technology in society and the improvement of people's living standards, the development of the automobile industry is very rapid, with various transportation, industrial construction, national defense military, and the need for passengers. Especially in China, it is a trend of rising straight. The private cars that were previously unattainable have now entered the homes of ordinary people. It is common for ordinary workers to have their own RVs.

China has become a big motor vehicle manufacturing country and a big consumer country in the world. According to the relevant data released by the Traffic Management Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security, as of the end of 2014, China’s motor vehicle ownership reached 264 million vehicles, including 154 million vehicles. In the past five years, the average increment of motor vehicles has reached 15 million. The number of small passenger cars alone reached 117 million, of which 105 million were private cars. At present, the average number of households in the country has exceeded 25, of which nearly 70 in Beijing, and in big cities such as Guangzhou and Chengdu, the number of households in Taiwan is more than 40. The huge automobile consumer market not only drives the machinery and electromechanical industries, but also drives the development and innovation of the rubber industry. As long as there is automobile manufacturing, there are unlimited business opportunities for rubber parts.

As we all know, cars can't be separated from rubber, otherwise it will be difficult. In addition to the tire rubber products that are most easily seen by everyone, there are many other rubber accessories. The average car has more than one hundred rubber parts, ranging from 200 to 500, and its consumption of glue can reach 60 kg. Automotive rubber parts, accounting for about 6% of the total cost of the car. Rubber parts for automobiles, except for the large parts of the tires, other rubber products are small parts, but they are installed on key parts. For example, the engine, gearbox, axle and other parts of the car must use oil seals, but small The rubber oil seal is the key to ensure the normal operation of these components. It is safe for the car and durable. Therefore, the rubber parts are called "functional cells" of the car.

From the whole vehicle, in addition to tires and internal and external decorative rubber parts, rubber parts are required to be classified into three categories according to their types.

    First, the hose

    For engine use, (1) fuel hose [manufactured by fluoroelastomer or chloroether rubber], (2) ** control tube [made of acrylate rubber or nitrile rubber], (3) air duct [made of TPO or acrylic rubber] , (4) Water supply hose, [made of EPDM rubber]

    For the body, (1), fuel hose, [made of fluoro rubber], (2) oil pipe [made of nitrile rubber], (3), air conditioner hose. [Manufactured from butyl rubber or nitrile rubber].

    For chassis, (1) AT oil cooler hose [made of acrylic rubber], (2) power steering tube, [made of acrylic rubber], (3), brake hose [made of EPDM rubber], ( 4) Clutch hose, [made of EPDM rubber], (5) Hose, [made of copolychloroethylene rubber.

    Second, sealed products

    For engines, (1) after crankshaft [made of fluoro rubber], (2), before crankshaft [made of acrylic rubber], (3) diaphragm type [with nitrile rubber or copolychloroether rubber, and trifluoropropane Made of methyl vinyl silicone rubber,] (4), stem seal, [made of fluoro rubber]. (5) Cylinder head gasket, [made of acrylic rubber]

    For the body, (1), weather strips. [Manufactured from EPDM rubber], (2), glass sealing strip, [made of EPDM rubber], (3) Oil port cap sealing ring, [made of nitrile rubber.

    For the chassis. (1) Transmission oil seal, [made of acrylic rubber]. (2), power steering oil seal [made of nitrile rubber]. (3) Ball joint dust cover, [made of urethane rubber or neoprene]. (4), CVJ with protective cover, [made of TPEE thermoplastic elastomer]. (5), rack and pinion protection cover. [Manufactured from TPO or TPEE thermoplastic elastomer], (6) Brake MC cap [made of EPDM rubber], (7). Card type ** sealed, [made of EPDM rubber].

    Third, shock absorption and tape

    In recent years, in order to improve the safety, comfort and operability of automobiles, the variety and quantity of shock-absorbing rubber products for automobiles have been increasing, and the number of shock-absorbing rubber products assembled on a car has reached 50 to 60 pieces. Automobile shock absorbing rubber products include engine bearings, suspension members, rubber springs, rubber air springs, collision rubber guards, oil pump cushions, muffler bracket rubber pads, etc., due to different parts used, the rubber types used are different. Choose neoprene, nitrile rubber, EPDM rubber, hydrogenated nitrile rubber, butyl rubber, etc., or use glue together; in the tape, there are synchronous tape and auxiliary machine tape, etc., often use heat and durability Manufacture of hydrogenated nitrile with excellent properties.

    Lin Lin summed up the above-mentioned many different types of rubber parts used in automobiles, which shows that automobile manufacturing is inseparable from rubber.

    The current trend is that automotive rubber parts are becoming more and more localized. Some automakers have high requirements for the quality, safety and durability of automotive rubber parts. The frequency of inspections of suppliers performing TS-16949 status on the production site has increased. The purchase of foreign high-end automotive rubber parts as a sample is called domestic manufacturers to develop and produce, but the price is very low.

    Despite the current sluggish market, as a large country with a population of 1.3 billion, whether it is logistics or private rides, the demand for automobiles is still increasing, traffic jams, on the other hand, analysis, there are still increasing factors. With the support of many car repair work, it is necessary to supply automotive rubber parts in time, thus bringing business opportunities to rubber auto parts.

    Affected by the climate, despite the current difficulties, we should make changes from within the enterprise, improve production efficiency, reduce waste, reduce costs, and do a good job in production and operation with the concept of green rubber and green development. Zero defects, create beautiful rubber, strive to develop and innovate, provide high-quality and safe rubber parts for the automotive industry, and expand unlimited business opportunities with optimism and integrity. Glue friends, we must be full of confidence, knowing the difficulties, the dawn is ahead!

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