EPDM Sangen Otsune Sugiyoshi's material performance


EPDM Sangen Otogi Soujou Kou Ichiyoshi Yu Otowa Kazuhi […]

EPDM Sangen Otogi Soujou Kou Ichiyoshi Yu Otowa Kazuhi Synthetic communal product, Koichi Iku Yu Otowa Kazunori, Kagami Minor third scepter a third monomer, Ordinary Kosei Sangen Sankyo Co., Ltd. Provided vulnerable sulfurization, easily known as EPDM . General EPDM Sangen Otsuya Sugioka's material and performance equipment Good odor resistance, light resistance and light resistance, weather resistance, good resistance at low temperature, chemical resistance, ex.China Rubber Diaphragms Manufacturers Opposite electrical attributes. EPDM Sangen Otsune Sugiyama's material performance:

EPDM Sangen Otogi's material quality performance standard Japan's rubber standard JIS B 2401 3.

Sulfidation conditions: 170 degrees X 15 min.



Hardness Shore-A etc. 70.14.2MPA.

Fracture elongation rate is 520%.

Anti-split performance Type A, etc. 65 KGF/MM.

Low temperature brittleness temperature equal -45 degrees.

The compression rate is 20%.

High and low temperature resistance -40 to 150 degrees.

The density is 1.26 g/cm3.

100% elongation force is 3.0MPa.

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