How to solve the sticky phenomenon of chlorohydrin rubber diaphragm


Because the working environment of the solenoid valve d […]

Because the working environment of the solenoid valve diaphragm is very harsh, in the use of the diaphragm, it is necessary to correctly select the normal temperature and high (low) temperature resistant high-strength diaphragm. This classification can make the life of the diaphragm more accurate and more Effectively synchronize operations with other control components to ensure that the solenoid valve can work normally and for a long time, even under extremely harsh working conditions.China Rubber Diaphragms
The solenoid valve diaphragm is composed of a single layer or multiple layers coated with rubber on both sides, and there is also a rubber without fabric. According to the requirements of use can be made of different rubber, different fabric membranes. The working temperature range and pressure range of the diaphragm itself depend on the rubber type, fabric and structure. Common diaphragm materials include blends of nitrile rubber and polysulfide rubber, canvas, and some silicone rubber, fluorine rubber, and chlorohydrin rubber developed in recent years.

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