Adjustable Rubber Strap Wrench


Strap wrenches are a terrific — and therefore cool — to […]

Strap wrenches are a terrific — and therefore cool — tool. There are small “domestic” versions for pickle jar lids & shiny plumbing, medium sizes for tough home and work problems, and larger no-nonsense versions for truly putting a twist on bigger things. Any of these sizes will put a handle on odd shapes, too (round is not the only option). And the beauty of them is that it’s difficult for them to leave a mark (no, that’s not a challenge). They’re just a strap with a lever attached.

The good ones have straps that grip will but do notRubber Feet Suppliers really stretch (this is a key). Also, the straps have to grip what’s being turned as well as gripping the business end of the wrench. A prone-ness to stretching or slipping really just negates its purpose, so wrenches like that need to be avoided. In one of my tool bags I’ve been carrying a simple, small, plastic handled version. It’s got a rubber strap with some internal fibers to prevent stretching. It’s only occasionally frustrating and usually works just fine. Years ago we used a beautiful heavy strap wrench from Ridgid (they’re now also available in aluminum). It’s likely overkill for normal life use, but wow. Great and effective version of a strap wrench.

I’ve recently added two new intermediately sized versions to my pile. One’s marketed as from Klein (though, in hand, that’s pretty surprising, especially since the strap is an unreinforced rubberish thing). The other, and much more likely to get a lot of use, is a Tooltoo version. The usual unrefined production we expect from overseas, but it’s a fairly heavy steel handle with a well-reinforced strap, and it’s not expensive.

BTW, the tricky aspect of using these things is getting it set up correctly, so that you’re pulling in the right direction and the strap is in the right position to lock in to the handle. It’s not a big deal to get right, but a few moments of thought pays off here. You can see in a lot of Amazon reviews that it appears this is a recurring issue with some users.

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