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A rubber O ring is generally made up of synthetic rubbe […]

A rubber O ring is generally made up of synthetic rubber called elastomer. One would rarely found a rubber O ring made up of natural rubber. Though the elastomers resemble a lot to natural rubber by giving similar look, feel and behavior. Hence, often people misunderstand synthetic rubber O ring as natural rubber O ring.

Synthetic rubber or elastomers are made to withstand higher temperatures and greater pressure ranges. These are manufactured for industrial purposes where the Custom Rubber Gaskets Suppliersenvironment and conditions are tougher to sustain. Thus, elastomers are tailor made to absorb and sustain the abrasion and exposure to the hazardous chemicals and ultra violet rays.

Once you make a decision of buying O rings for an industrial application, you have to be extremely careful while picking the elastomer as it renders whatever you expect it to. One should be certain that the amount he is paying is not wasted in some kind of attributes which aren't any useful for him. For example, Kalrez and Viton are highly sophisticated space age elastomers which are used in semiconductor wafer processing and aerospace hence, it is pointless to invest in such elastomers if a lower grade of elastomer can fit your prescribed job.

Also, there are certain specialized rubber O rings made up of neoprene and silicone for the unique properties these elastomers hold. China is the largest manufacturer of neoprene and silicon rubber o rings which are further distributed by other distributors all over the world.

The most popular rubber o ring amongst all is the nitrile or buna-n O ring. It is the cheapest and most demanded elastomer of all. Used for various purposes, it is easily available at the local hardware store.

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