Color changing principle of color changing silicone


The main component of the color-changing silica gel is […]

The main component of the color-changing silica gel is cobalt chloride, which is very toxic and has a strong adsorption effect on water vapor in the air. At the same time, it can show different colors through the change in the amount of crystal water of cobalt chloride. The blue before moisture absorption gradually changed to light red with the increase of moisture absorption.China Rubber Grommets Suppliers

Blue silicone cat litter is divided into blue gel indicator, color-changing silicone cat litter and blue gel. The appearance is blue or light blue glassy particles. According to the shape of the particles, it can be divided into two types: spherical and block. From blue to red. This product is spherical or irregularly shaped particles. It is divided into three types of purple, orange red or yellow according to the appearance. Its main component is silicon dioxide, and the color changes with different humidity.

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