Do you understand these characteristics of rubber shock absorbers?


The rubber shock absorber is one of the many shock-abso […]

The rubber shock absorber is one of the many shock-absorbing equipments. It is made of rubber, which can play a good shock-absorbing effect and there is no obvious noise when the pressure is shortened. It is used on vehicles, vibration equipment and other objects. It is simple to make, reasonable in price, and popular in use.China Custom Rubber Sealing Strips


There are many characteristics of rubber shock absorbers. Its elasticity is large, and it can be deformed greatly when subjected to pressure. It has good impact resistance, the material is relatively wear-resistant, and can have a long service life. Rubber products are easy to process and can be manufactured to meet different needs. The hardness can also be controlled during production. Rubber can be used to produce shock absorbers with different elasticities.

The rubber shock absorber itself has a certain elasticity, and the softer material is less damaging to the collision after the collision, and it can also reduce the impact force on itself, and there is no harsh noise when colliding with the metal, and the sound during operation is also relatively small. Its structure is very simple, strong integrity, and easy to replace.

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