Extraction method of rubber


  A rubber extraction method relates to a method f […]


A rubber extraction method relates to a method for extracting high-purity natural rubber from a plant as a raw material. The invention aims to solve the technical problem of low rubber purity in the existing method for purifying rubber. The method is as follows: 1. First, the rubber grass root is separated from the stem, the treated rubber root is pulverized, and the extract is refluxed. The extracted material is air-dried to obtain the raw material. Distilled water is added, and glacial acetic acid and sodium chlorite are added dropwise. Heating in a water bath to obtain crude healdite; 2. The crude healdite was treated with NaOH solution at room temperature to obtain α-cellulose; 3. Soaking α-cellulose in dichloromethane for 6h and filtering to obtain a mixed solution , The obtained mixed solution was spin-evaporated to dryness to obtain rubber. The purity of the extracted rubber is high, and the invention belongs to the field of extraction of natural rubber.

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