Rubber gasket manufacturing method and application in industry


Sheet-shaped rubber articles in which rubber gaskets se […]

Sheet-shaped rubber articles in which rubber gaskets seal between metal flanges or other stationary surfaces of joints are collectively referred to as rubber gaskets. It can be made by molding or by vulcanized film. Can be widely used in a variety of mechanical equipment, from the role of gasketing, sealing, buffering.

The rubber gasket is molded and cut. TheRubber Gaskets Suppliers molding is made by pressing with a hydraulic forming machine and a mold. The cutting is cut by a gasket cutting machine. Compared with the molding, the molding is relatively simple, but a pair of molds. Only one kind of gasket can be made. The gasket cutting machine can cut in any size within the range of 1500mm, but the utilization rate of the board is not very high.

Rubber dust cover wear-resistant oil-resistant high-temperature rubber sleeve, which has a basic sealing function, can prevent water, oil, gas and other media from leaking, and has other use properties and functions. Rubber dust covers are widely used in industrial production and pipeline applications. The rubber dust cover is excellent in oil resistance, which can effectively prevent mechanical failure of industrial operation, resulting in irreparable damage. The price difference of the rubber dust cover in the market is also relatively large, and this has a relatively large relationship with the specifications of the rubber dust cover. Rubber dust covers are widely used in the automotive, machinery, and motor industries.

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