What are the characteristics of rubber shock absorbers that make it so widely used


Rubber shock absorbers and spring shock absorbers are w […]

Rubber shock absorbers and spring shock absorbers are widely used shock absorbers on the market. Although these two types of shock absorbers are very different, their function is to reduce and absorb shocks. Therefore, when choosing a shock absorber, many people do not know which one to choose. The characteristics of rubber are high elasticity and high viscosity. The elasticity of rubber is caused by the conformational changes of curled molecules. The interaction between rubber molecules will hinder the movement of molecular chains and exhibit viscous characteristics, so stress and strain are usually in an unbalanced state. The characteristics of rubber products are described in detail below.China Rubber O Rings Suppliers



Rubber shock absorbers have high elasticity and viscoelasticity; the elastic deformation is large and the elastic modulus is small. The impact stiffness of rubber is greater than the dynamic stiffness, and the dynamic stiffness is greater than the static stiffness. The stress-strain curve is an elliptic hysteresis line whose area is equal to the vibration energy converted into heat in each vibration cycle, which can be adjusted by formula design.
The shape of the rubber shock absorber can be freely selected, and the hardness can be adjusted by formula design to meet the stiffness and strength requirements in different directions; the internal friction is large, the shock absorption effect is good, it is beneficial to cross the public area, attenuate high-frequency motion and noise; The modulus is much smaller than that of metal, and it can produce large elastic deformation. No sliding parts, easy maintenance, small quality, easy installation and disassembly.

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