What are the reasons for the aging of rubber balls?


Occasionally, you will encounter the phenomenon of agin […]

Occasionally, you will encounter the phenomenon of aging of rubber balls. Have you ever encountered it? Why is this phenomenon? Let’s take a look!
1. Thermal reasons: too high temperature will cause thermal cracking of the rubber or thermal cross-linking. But the basic use of heat is still the use of activation, to increase the rate of oxygen dispersion and activation of oxidation, and then to accelerate the rate of oxidation of rubber, which is a common aging phenomenon-thermal oxygen aging.




2. The cause of machine stress: Under the influence of the machine stress, the rubber molecular chain will be broken, free will occur, causing the oxidation chain, and then mechanochemistry. The machine breaks the molecular chain and the machine activates the oxidation program. Which case is more advantageous, it still needs to be judged by the actual conditions.

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