What does vulcanized rubber 1154 mean?


Rubber is a kind of high molecular compound. Because of […]

Rubber is a kind of high molecular compound. Because of its high elasticity at room temperature, it is also called elastomer. There are many types of rubber, such as natural rubber (tires, rubber bands, condoms), butyl rubber (inner tubes, chewing gum), silicone rubber (pacifiers), and so on. Can be divided into natural rubber and synthetic rubber. The earliest application was natural rubber, which was extracted from the liquid in the rubber tree. Raw rubber can be deformed at will by external forces. Like chewing gum, people added sulfur to natural rubber in the early days, and produced chemical reactions between the internal molecular chains of natural rubber for a long time. To form a network structure, the rubber is cured and shaped to maintain a fixed shape. This chemical reaction process is called vulcanization. In order to increase the vulcanization speed, future generations put vulcanization under high temperature and high pressure conditions, and added accelerators to increase the chemical reaction speed of vulcanization. The sulfur above the landlord literally means sulfur, but in the rubber industry usually refers to vulcanizing agents, also known as curing agents, not only sulfur, but also chemical components that can solidify and mold various types of rubber.

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