What is the difference between silicone and vinyl?


The differences between silicone and vinyl are: differe […]

The differences between silicone and vinyl are: different properties, different advantages, and different uses.

1. Different nature

1. Silicone: Silicone is the name of a material.

2. Vinyl: Vinyl is the name of a manufacturing process.

Second, the advantages are different

1. Silicone: It is a non-toxic, tasteless and colorless product. It has good texture, no harm to the human body, good toughness and complex elasticity. It is not easy to be permanently deformed by external force, and the feel will be smooth.hollow blue silicone ball

2. Vinyl: The material made with vinyl is a bit soft and has good elasticity.
3. Different uses

1. Silica gel: used for various electronic components, instruments, instruments, flying instrument wheels, etc. It can play the role of "three protection" protection against moisture, shock and corrosion; it is a widely used biological material in cosmetic surgery.

2. Vinyl zd: Vinyl is generally used to produce all kinds of vinyl toys. Such as vinyl barbie dolls, vinyl underwater toys and so on.

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