What is the role of the bellows?


There are many types of bellows, including: rubber bell […]

There are many types of bellows, including: rubber bellows, bellows compensator, plastic bellows, stainless steel bellows, carbon steel bridge bellows, instrument bellows...etc. I don’t know if you want to ask which type?
Corrugated compensator: also known as telescopic Rubber Bellows Supplierssection, expansion joint, mainly to ensure the safe operation of the pipeline. Let me introduce you to the role of the stainless steel bellows compensator:
Working principle and function of stainless steel bellows compensator:
The main elastic component of the stainless steel bellows compensator is a stainless steel corrugated pipe, which relies on the bellows to expand and contract and bend to compensate the pipe in axial, lateral and angular directions. Its role can play:
1. Compensate for axial, lateral and angular thermal deformation of the absorption pipe.
2. Absorb equipment vibration and reduce the impact of equipment vibration on the pipeline.
3. Absorb the amount of deformation of the pipeline caused by earthquakes and subsidence.

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