What kind of rubber is used for the bellows, and it is also resistant to 200 high temperatures.


Stainless steel bellows are more suitable and safer for […]

Stainless steel bellows are more suitable and safer for use in gas pipelines. This is because the connection between the stainless steel bellows and the quick-fit joint is mostly end-faced, which can effectively avoid the leakage caused by the tightness of the thread seal, and the leakage probability will be greatly reduced comparedChina Rubber Bellows with the conventional installation. 2, stainless steel bellows quick-fit joint strength is good. The hose connection is sealed by the end face, which greatly improves the reliability of the seal. Some gasket materials are made of Teflon, and the service life can be consistent with the pipe body, which can reduce the number of maintenance or replacement. 3, stainless steel bellows installation is simple and fast. Due to the good elasticity of the stainless steel bellows, only two special tools are needed during the operation, which can be bent by hand. When buried, there is no joint in the wall or in the decorative layer, which reduces the risk of leakage. 4, stainless steel bellows has a long service life, because the pipe body is made of high-quality stainless steel as a material, the pipe is not easy to age, greatly improving the service life.

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