Why do many vibration devices install rubber shock absorbers?


Vibration screening equipment is a device that is often […]

Vibration screening equipment is a device that is often called in many factories for production and processing. They screen materials to increase product quality and protect the processing equipment from debris. Vibration generated by the vibration equipment during operation also has an impact on its own components, and after contacting the ground, it will emit a lot of noise because of the vibration. Therefore, in order to solve these problems, the equipment can work normally and reduce the negative impact. Equipment such as rubber shock absorbers are installed on the equipment. They can absorb part of the vibration to reduce the vibration of the equipment itself and reduce noise.China Custom Rubber Products Factory



The range of use of rubber shock absorbers is generally 5-15Hz, because the softer material can not be limited to the axial effect, and it also has good shock absorption capacity for lateral and rotation. And it is more convenient in production, the material is easy to process and can be made into some special shapes and sizes, and has a wide range of applications. After being pressed, it can be restored to its normal state quickly, and the lighter material is generally smaller in volume, which is more convenient for installation.

Although the rubber shock absorber is not as hard as the metal material, it can also be an advantage because it can be changed according to the situation, and the rubber material does not have a loud noise like metal, and it will also be exposed to moisture for a long time. stainless. It has the effect of low frequency and high vibration isolation, so in many devices, only these products will be used to protect the stable operation of the device.

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