Is the content of nails in scotch tape high?


The content is not high, and there is no toxicity in no […]

The content is not high, and there is no toxicity in normal daily use. However, it is best to avoid contact with food (vegetable tape has been

used to bind vegetables, and people who eat these vegetables have food poisoning incidents). Try to avoid biting with your mouth when you use it.

You can use a pen tip or scissors or a knife to break it.Rubber O Rings Factory

The tape is based on the original BOPP film. After high voltage corona, the surface is roughened, and then coated with glue. It is divided into

small rolls after slitting, which is the tape we use every day. Tape glue is acrylic glue, also called pressure-sensitive adhesive, the main

ingredient is grease. Normally speaking, scotch tape is non-toxic, but some businesses will dope some chemical materials in order to reduce the

cost. Chemically doped adhesive tape can be torn open by hand and smelled by nose to ask for a very smelly smell, which is harmful to the human


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