• Adjustable Rubber Strap Wrench

    Adjustable Rubber Strap Wrench

    Strap wrenches are a terrific — and therefore cool — tool. There are small “domestic” versions for pickle jar lids & shiny plumbing, medium sizes for tough home and work problems, and larger no-nonsense versions for truly putting a twist on bigger things. Any of these sizes will put a handle on ... read more

    Aug 23,2019 Industry News
  • Rubber gasket manufacturing method and application in industry

    Rubber gasket manufacturing method and application in industry

    Sheet-shaped rubber articles in which rubber gaskets seal between metal flanges or other stationary surfaces of joints are collectively referred to as rubber gaskets. It can be made by molding or by vulcanized film. Can be widely used in a variety of mechanical equipment, from the role of gasketing,... read more

    Aug 30,2019 Industry News
  • Rubber composition

    Rubber composition

    Natural rubber is made of latex, and a part of the non-rubber component contained in the latex remains in the solid natural rubber. Generally, natural rubber contains 92%-95% of rubber hydrocarbons, while non-rubber hydrocarbons account for 5%-8%. Due to different manufacturing methods, different PT... read more

    Sep 05,2019 Industry News
  • How is rubber made?

    How is rubber made?

    The early rubber was made from latex of rubber trees, rubber grass and other plants, and was made of elastic, insulating, water-impermeable and air-resistant materials. Highly elastic polymer compound. Divided into two kinds of natural rubber and synthetic rubber. Natural rubber is processed by extr... read more

    Sep 12,2019 NEWS & MEDIA
  • What is the role of the bellows?

    What is the role of the bellows?

    There are many types of bellows, including: rubber bellows, bellows compensator, plastic bellows, stainless steel bellows, carbon steel bridge bellows, instrument bellows...etc. I don’t know if you want to ask which type? Corrugated compensator: also known as telescopic Rubber Bellows Supplierssecti... read more

    Sep 20,2019 Industry News
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