Some basic knowledge of rubber spring?


The rubber spring is a high elastic body made of ordina […]

The rubber spring is a high elastic body made of ordinary rubber. There are two types of rubber springs, one is a compound rubber spring.

The shape of the rubber spring is almost not limited, the elastic modulus is low, it can have a relatively elastic deformation, its internal resistance is relatively large, it can absorb violent impact and high-frequency vibration, but it has high temperature resistance and oil resistance Will be slightly worse than steel springs.China Custom Rubber Balls

This is what we need to know before applying rubber springs. If there are other special needs, oil-resistant rubber can also be used as the material. The vibration damping effect of this rubber rod is low, the resonance field is low, the working life is long, and the investment is small. , Cold resistance rod, the sealing is also worthy of affirmation, and it is waterproof, which is the preferred choice for vibration reduction.

The production elements of rubber spring manufacturers have particularly critical uses. The technological level and technological procedures of each production plant are different, and the quality of the production will also be different. Rubber springs are vibration-damping parts, which can be used for springs through the elasticity of rubber.

Then this is some basic knowledge of rubber spring, you can find out!

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