Specification and application of rubber ball for vibrating screen accessories


Rubber balls are often used on the vibrating screen. It […]

Rubber balls are often used on the vibrating screen. Its function is to jump between the screen and the perforated plate during the work of the vibrating screen, and keep hitting the screen to make the material toss and fall, thereby cleaning up The purpose of the screen. Rubber ballChina Rubber Grommets Suppliers is a kind of vibrating screen accessories. There are many specifications. What is the application situation? Let's learn about it with the editor below. Please check the following information for details.
Rubber ball introduction:

          Rubber ball is a hollow rubber molded product, which is elastic after inflation. Other materials include PVC balls, Pu balls and genuine leather balls. Rubber balls are divided into ordinary rubber balls, pinballs, silicone rubber balls, and polyurethane rubber balls. Used in food, medicine, minerals, machinery, food metallurgy, vibrating screen, grain cleaner and other industries.


   Rubber ball is also a kind of mechanical seal, the hardness is generally 50-90 degrees, and the materials are generally nitrile banana and fluorine rubber. There are many types of rubber balls, which can be roughly divided into two types: gall balls and without gall balls. The former is divided into skeletonized rubber balls (such as basketball, football, volleyball) and non-framework balls (such as rhythmic gymnastics balls, tennis, toy balls, etc.).

   Rubber ball material:

   Neoprene rubber, natural rubber, nitrile rubber, styrene butadiene rubber, EPDM rubber, polyurethane rubber, etc.

   Rubber ball specifications:

  Φ15, φ20, φ25, φ28, φ30, φ35, φ40, φ45

  The more commonly used ones are Φ25mm and Φ28mm.

   Rubber ball features:

   abrasion resistance, environmental protection, light weight, good elasticity, oxidation resistance, etc.

   Application areas of rubber balls:

Petroleum hydraulic oil, glycol hydraulic oil, diester lubricant, gasoline, water, silicone grease, silicone oil, valves, pumps, ball valves, sanitary ware, electronics, electrical appliances, medicine, minerals, machinery, food, metal metallurgy, Vibrating screen, etc.

   The rubber balls in the vibrating screen are mainly used for industrial screening, and the silica gel balls are mainly used for screening materials in the food industry. For example: feed grading sieve, food stainless steel circular vibrating sieve, linear vibrating sieve, rotary vibrating sieve often uses silicone balls instead of rubber balls as accessories when sieving materials in the food industry to ensure the green and environmental protection of the produced food.

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