understand some things about the production and storage of rubber compounds


Mixture is a kind of colloid with fluidity, it can play […]

Mixture is a kind of colloid with fluidity, it can play a big role in rubber production. There are many steps in its production. For example, the material will be put for a period of time during production. This is to restore the internal fatigue of the material and relieve the mechanical stress during production. The internal compounding agent can continue to be effective during the placement process so that it is more evenly distributed, and this process can reduce the material shrinkage.China Custom Rubber Gaskets Factory


Mixing glue often sticks together. This is a very annoying thing. We can reduce the stickiness of the surface by sprinkling talcum powder on the surface. In addition, it is also placed in a water tank with talcum powder dispersed and cooled and dried. effect. When the rubber compound needs to be remelted, it should be carried out according to the requirements of the roll distance, roll temperature and remelting time.

The rubber compound should be placed in a ventilated and dry place, but will not be exposed to direct sunlight. Do not put it too high when stacking, and pay attention to regular flipping, so that the internal heat can be dissipated normally, and the storage time should not be appropriate Too long.

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