Uses of metal rubber


Can you imagine a material that can both bend and stret […]

Can you imagine a material that can both bend and stretch like rubber and conduct electricity like metal? This is a new material made using nanotechnology-metal rubber. The emergence of "metallic rubber" is a revolution in materials science and a successful application of nanotechnology in the field of new materials. With it, future aircraft can have wings that can be fanned like birds; with it, future aviation seats will be extremely comfortable; with it, even TVs can be made flat and soft, and can be folded Get up and put it in your pocket ...
Humans have always fantasized about having wings like birds. From the first time humans wore feathers to imitate bird flight to create an aerial giant Boeing 747, this pursuit has never stopped. But even today when technology is highly developed, humans still cannot completely imitate the flight of birds.
Scientists have studied birds and found that in flight, birds can change the shape of their wings at any time according to the needs of flight to adapt to different flight conditions. This flight is not only more economical, but also more effective and safer. To manufacture wings that can change shape, a new material is needed that has both the conductive properties of metal and the characteristics of rubber's flexibility.

Nowadays, the advent of metal rubber has brought a new dawn to mankind to create "intelligent flying wings" like bird wings.
The capable person who made the metal rubber is a scientific group from Virginia, USA. The leader of this group is Professor Richard Claus, an expert in materials and engineering. It took the team six full years to finally make metal rubber a reality.fkm with plastic metal rubber diaphragm
The color of metal rubber is tan, and the appearance is a bit like an ordinary plastic packaging shell, but behind this ordinary appearance, it contains some surprising physical characteristics: it can stretch 2 to 3 times under the action of external force , And then restored to its original state; when stretched, this material can still maintain its metallic characteristics and conductivity; it can be as poison-free and non-invasive as metal, whether it is placed in aviation fuel or acetone liquid. It is intact and will not be corroded, nor will it undergo structural or chemical degradation; it can not burn at a high temperature of 700 degrees Fahrenheit, or it is invariable at a low temperature of -167 degrees Fahrenheit, and its structure is very stable.

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