What are the causes of rubber seal deformation?


The rubber sealing ring is a common rubber product. The […]

The rubber sealing ring is a common rubber product. The production process is simple and the range of use is wide. If the method of use is incorrect, the product will be deformed. The specific reasons for the deformation are described below:

   1. Bite caused by the product squeezed into the gap.

   2. Damage caused by the amount of compression and tension.China Rubber Balls Manufacturers

  The product has a long-term compression stress relaxation under compression, and gradually expands with time, and the lack of elasticity leads to leakage.



3. High temperature damage to the product.

   Accelerated aging of the product at high temperature. The higher the temperature in the environment, the greater the deformation of the product. When the product deforms more than 40%, the product will lose its elasticity and cause leakage.

   4. High-pressure damage to the product.

  Compared with the above reasons, high pressure is more likely to cause damage to the product. If the product is operated in a high pressure environment for a long time, it will cause deformation, and this deformation is irreversible. Therefore, different materials should be selected for different working pressures.

  In summary, in order to ensure the normal operation of the rubber seal ring and avoid damage to it, we should select the appropriate product according to different environments and operate in accordance with the specifications.

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