What are the issues that need to be noted when designing a rubber compound spring mold?


There are many problems that need to be paid attention […]

There are many problems that need to be paid attention to in the design of rubber composite spring molds, but many people do not understand it. Then let the composite spring manufacturers introduce you in detail!

At present, in addition to the mature design method of square section strong spring, the design method of other section strong spring is basically based on the specific section through the test, find out the correction China Rubber Gaskets Factorycoefficient to get the empirical design formula of the specific section. A brief introduction of features and design issues.



   In the same space, the load capacity of the square section wire spring is more than 40% higher than that of the round section spring. Obviously, the rectangular spring is more than 50%. The excessive stress is the main reason for the spring failure analysis.

  Under the same conditions, the life of the profiled section spring is 13% to 14% longer than that of the circle section. The profiled section spring can produce a large amount of deformation, and the profiled wire spring has a large weight.

The linearity is better than that of a circular section spring, that is, the stiffness tends to be more constant. Especially for springs whose long sides are parallel to the axis, the application range is limited. Analysis shows that if the advantages of a spring with a special section material cannot be fully applied, it will not Will produce economic benefits, under what circumstances is it good to use?

   (1) The design load cannot be reached with a circular cross-section material

  (2) Replace the compound spring with circular cross section

  (3) When the round material hardware spring does not reach the required amount of deformation

  (4) The place where the spring installation space is small

  (5) Places requiring strict rubber compound spring characteristics

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