Why parking is important to the production of rubber compounds?


In order to prevent adhesion during the production of r […]

In order to prevent adhesion during the production of rubber compound, light calcium powder is spread on the surface, or it is soaked into loose water with light calcium powder for cooling. After being removed, the material is dry, and the light calcium powder adheres to the surface to prevent mutual sticking. . The refrigerated materials must be mature according to parking, so why is it so troublesome in the production process?white food grade silicone stopper plug

Rubber compound



The purpose of parking and other work is to restore the tiredness of the plastic pellets, slack off the mechanical equipment stress experienced when mixing rubber, reduce the impact, avoid plastic shrinkage, and make the compounding agent continue to be dispersed during the parking process. Promote the uniform dispersion to further form the rubber compound between the rubber compound and the carbon black, and improve the reinforcement effect. After such a series of operations, the material can be in a better condition and avoid non-compliance after production. Case.

Rubber compound

  Of course, we must pay more attention to such an important step in the implementation process. The compounded rubber is stored in the warehouse and placed on a flat, clean, and boring metal sheet for cooling until it is the same as the indoor temperature, and to prevent moisture. During the storage period, the temperature and storage time must be controlled to prevent scorching.

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