Yoga balls, slimming balls, penalties with massage, croissants, is there any difference?


Yoga balls are also called fitness balls or yoga fitnes […]

Yoga balls are also called fitness balls or yoga fitness balls. It is a ball sports tool that matches sports and fitness. The material is mostly made of soft PVC material. When the human body is in contact with it, the internally inflated fitness ball will evenly touch the contact part of the human body to produce a massage effect, which is beneficial to promote blood circulation. The movement arrangement of the yoga ball is aimed at the main parts of the abdomen, back, waist and other parts. When practicing, it should be accompanied by slow, rhythmic breathing to stretch, squeeze and other movements, so that the muscles can be effectively massaged, relaxed, and the effect of fat consumption. An ability to improve concentration, reduce mental stress, and enhance the endurance of the limbs and spine.63mm silicone yoga massage ball factory

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