Why does the rubber spring turn white soon after use


In normal life, surely many people have seen that the r […]

In normal life, surely many people have seen that the rubber spring will whitish after working for a short time. For example, in the case of relatively high humidity, the paint will be easier to whitish.

   Frost spray: Rubber is divided into unvulcanized and vulcanized rubber. Rubber spray frost covers uncured surface spray frost and vulcanized rubber surface spray frost. Frost spraying is a sign that the liquid or solid compounding agent has moved from the rubber to the surface of the rubber. It can be seen that the compounding agent in the rubber is discharged, and the frosting phenomenon occurs. To sum up the process of rubber frosting, there are roughly three kinds. It is powder spraying, wax spraying, and oil spraying (also known as exudation).Custom Rubber Gaskets Suppliers
Powder spraying is the discharge of powdery additives such as vulcanizing agent, active agent and filler on the surface layer of rubber to form a layer of powdery ingredients.




  Wax spray is a wax film composed of wax-type components such as wax and ozokerite discharged on the surface layer of rubber.
Oil spray is a layer of oil-like substance that is discharged from the surface layer of rubber by liquid compounding agents such as softeners, adhesives and plasticizers. In practical applications, the method of spraying frost on the surface of the rubber is sometimes manifested in one way, sometimes in two or even three ways.

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